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Unfortunately for us, the person who taught Samkhya Yoga, and wrote nearly all of the material on this website regarding Samkhya Yoga, has gone to mahasamadhi on December 23, 2008. His websites, and are no longer online. I know that he would want Samkhya Yoga to live on in his memory. The files in this subdomain were written by Ronald Girty, and this may be considered his legacy. In a Dumb Supper, a Wiccan ritual which invites the spirit of a deceased person to dinner, consisting of Ron's favorite dishes: Curried Vegetable Stew and coffee with half and half, I felt that he wanted me to put this information up, and intact, as he last wrote it.

I have been combining traditional Samkhya with modern Wicca, to form Samkhya Wicca. Its practice requires the meditation and kundalini tools. I was one of Ron Girty's students, who attained Kaivalya well over a decade ago. As such, I will try to answer any questions regarding the practice of Samkhya Yoga or Samkhya Kundalini.


Samkhya Meditation is the cornerstone of Samkhya Yoga and uses the breath to insulate you from all conscious sensory activity for as long as you want, be it 5 minutes or 5 hours. Most people have found approximately 20 to 40 minutes to be the most comfortable, once in the morning and again just before evening. Even though the meditation itself is very rewarding and peaceful, Samkhya Meditation produces four very unique transformations, culminating in an even more unique spiritual metamorphosis. It are these transformations and metamorphosis that  sets Samkhya Meditation apart from other meditation methods.

o       The transformations are also very predictable in that they are exactly four in number and are spaced exactly 108 days apart. This of course makes the days of transformation much easier to anticipate. However, just in case allow at least a couple of days margin of error of on either side of the anticipated date. The most common error has been miscalculating the anticipated date.

o       Note: The first day is not day one but rather day zero. (0, 1, 2, 106, 107, 108;   0, 1, 107, 108;   0 108;  0 108; 0 )

o       The high predictability of these transformations are heavily dependent on Samkhya Meditation being done twice a day everyday. Once in the morning and a second session that evening. Failing to do two consecutive sessions is almost guaranteed to restart the internal 108 day clock for that stage. It pays to be regular. If you are regular, the transformations are experienced on the zero days that follow each completed 108 day period.

o       The transformations and spiritual realizations that accompany the completion of each of its four stages are very distinctive and eye-catching. Although some aspects of them are exceedingly subtle, some sections have a very conspicuous and self evident nature.

o       The transformations are guaranteed incredibly pleasant and each manifestation is tailored by the person experiencing the transformation in accordance with each individual=s needs and life style. The downside of this is that they are so individually tailored they are almost impossible to describe with any detail. All that I can guarantee is that you will like them a lot!

Samkhya meditation instruction is available free of charge, Please go to the meditation page. The instructions are complete in themselves, and further instructions or even questions are normally not needed. It is however suggested that you keep me apprized of your daily practice, especially during the initial four months. At the end of those four months you should have completed of the first stage of your journey, and with our joint confirmation of its subsequent transformation, we can then both be assured that you understand the correct practice of Samkhya Meditation.